Designer Handbags – Authentic Or Counterfeit? – Designer Purses Worthy of Guarantee

Designer Handbags

Designer Handbags – Authentic Or Counterfeit? – Designer Purses Worthy of Guarantee

Don’t waste your hard earned money on a fake counterfeit designer handbag or purse! It’s simply amazing when out of the blue I discover a fake, non-genuine designer handbag has been passed off as one made by….a known designer bag counterfeiter! Most of the time the counterfeiters are so good at making these fake designer handbags they are capable of making fake designer labels with near the same quality as the real thing! You can’t save money on the fake designer handbags and counterfeiters are getting better and smarter and are now making the fake designer bags so well done that it’s getting harder for us to tell the real apart from the fake!

It only takes a quick scan of an item to know its unique particulars and the history a designer purse has with it Designer Handbags.

Most of the fakes have the name brand and serial number in abundance and often the fake handbag is so good it has the real label with it! My wife has structural issues and authentic purse makers don’t put designer labels on poorly made nonfunctioning purses unless they are absolutely certain of the quality and functionality. Designers almost always advertise and promote their bags at press events and in magazine so if they are carrying a non-genuine item they will be obvious! My wife has been carrying a couture bag for 20 years and has developed special skill and methods to spot a nongenuine designer purse.

My wife started searching for a designer purse she loved many years ago and of course was very happy when she finally found one. These days the market is full of superb and beautiful designer purses and there are many choices. My wife has a special selection of handbags and purses that are virtually immaculate. When you are ready to purchase your next designer bag or are searching for a designer bag and see the options at your local retail store or on the internet, it’s important to get an idea of what you want before you begin shopping. A savvy shopper doesn’t buy items without trying them on first! A Couple of helpful hints for finding the right designer purse include the size of the bag, the length you want, the color you want and the quality you require. Clutch purses are an ideal choice for a formal evening and can be worn to a homecoming, prom or wedding. The sizes range from handbags that possess tiny compartments to those that are large enough to carry everything you need for a Designer Handbags few hours such as a weekend at a hotel for example. Handbag hooks and straps give you the option to bring your favorite bag with you from the office to the evening if you Designer Handbags realize you’ll be late.

Certain bags just scream quality and the leather designer purse is emblazoned with the logo of the designer. Look for the words “Genuine” or “Made In Italy” on a bag that feels like it should have been made in Spain or Meghal Pradesh and you should be alert. These bags are cut off at the sides and have long Designer Handbags straps that allow you to carry it over one shoulder or across the body.

How about the lining, do you like clutter free inside your perfect handbag? Examine the bag closely for blemishes and tears. Make sure Designer Handbags there are no patches of spoiled or ruined leather. Make sure there are no divided Designer Handbags linings and that the seams have not been neglected. Check for loose buttons, stain around the stitching, fading and other signs of poor quality. You’ll want to be comfortable that your designer bag will last for a very long time.

Finding the bag of your dreams at a reasonable price with a beautiful style and quality you love is possible when you know where to shop. สล็อตเว็บตรง